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Submission Guidelines 

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“once upon a time, someone passed through earth into space.”

For Issue #1, “Luminaries,” we seek the people passing through, the stars shooting for a night sky or broken earth. Fictional or real, we want the people you have known for a lifetime, for a second, for a few pages. We want detailed character studies or the ones who shine in just a few sentences. We want Hollywood stars and the woman at the grocery store. When the sky gets darkest, whose light still shines?


The Mercurial Collective is open to all genres of literary and visual work. Your work does not have to be inspired by space, but please read our About and Issue Theme to get a better sense of what we are looking for. We accept simultaneous and previously published submissions. 





Poetry: Submit up to 3 pieces. Please attach each piece separately in .docx or PDF format.

Prose: Submit up to 2 pieces with up to 1,500 words each in fiction, creative nonfiction, hybrid, and/or a secret fourth type of work. Please attach each piece separately in .docx or PDF format.

Art: Submit up to 3 high-resolution pieces in any medium: paintings, digital art, mixed media, & more. You may include an optional artist’s statement of up to 250 words. Please attach each piece separately in JPG or PNG format. (AI art not accepted)

Please email with the following format:



subject: NAME - GENRE


cover letter

relevant CWs

third-person bio




Upon acceptance, we ask for first serial rights and archival rights. If previously published, we ask for second serial rights and archival rights. We will always credit you for your work.


Please reach out to us at with questions. We look forward to reading your work!

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